Average Funeral Cost In Illinois (2024 Update)

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Average Burial & Cremation Costs in Illinois

Field Name Average Cost Rank
Funeral Cost $7,039 13
Cremation Cost $3,967 9
Direct Burial Cost $2,944 2
Direct Cremation Cost $2,325 15

Funeral & Burial Laws In Illinois

Illinois is a state located in the Midwestern region of the United States. It is the sixth most populous state in the country with a population of approximately 12.7 million people. The state is known for its diverse economy, which includes industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, and finance.

The demographics of Illinois are also diverse, with a mix of different ethnic and racial groups. The largest ethnic group in the state is White, making up around 61% of the population. African Americans make up around 14% of the population, while Hispanics and Latinos make up around 17%. The state also has a significant Asian population, making up around 6% of the population.

Illinois is home to several major cities, including Chicago, which is the third largest city in the country. The city is known for its vibrant culture, diverse neighborhoods, and iconic architecture. Other major cities in the state include Aurora, Rockford, and Joliet.

Overall, Illinois is a diverse state with a strong economy and a mix of urban and rural areas. Its demographics reflect the state’s history of immigration and cultural diversity.

Question Answer
How do I get a death certificate in Illinois? Ask the person or organization that files the certificate to order them for you at the time of the death or visit the county clerk’s office in the county where the death occurred or go to the website of the Illinois Department of Public Health.
Who can order a death certificate in Illinois? Anyone with a genealogical, legal, personal, or property right interest in the record.
In Illinois, who completes the death certificate? The funeral director who assumes custody of the body is responsible for filing a completed death certificate.
Is embalming required in Illinois? No.
In Illinois, is a casket necessary for burial or cremation? No law requires a casket for burial or cremation.
Do I have to buy a casket from the funeral home in Illinois? No.
Is alkaline hydrolysis available in Illinois? Yes.
Where can bodies be buried in Illinois? Most bodies are buried in established cemeteries, but burial on private property may be possible in Illinois.
Where can we store or scatter ashes after cremation in Illinois? You may store cremation ashes in a grave, crypt, or niche. If you wish to scatter ashes, you may do so in a legally established scattering area or on private property with the owner’s permission. Scattering ashes at sea or by air is also possible with certain regulations.

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Calculator for Funeral Costs in Illinois

Funeral Cost Calculator

Final Arrangements Expenses in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, IL is a bustling city located in the Midwestern region of the United States. It is the third-largest city in the country, with a population of over 2.7 million people. Known for its iconic skyline, diverse neighborhoods, and deep-dish pizza, Chicago is a hub for culture, commerce, and tourism. It is home to world-renowned museums, such as the Art Institute of Chicago and the Field Museum, as well as famous landmarks like Navy Pier and Millennium Park. Chicago is also a major transportation hub, with two international airports and an extensive public transit system. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and endless attractions, Chicago is a truly unique and exciting destination.

Category Average Cost Rank
Traditional Funeral & Burial $6,964 80
Cremation with Service $3,948 68
Direct Burial $2,523 81
Direct Cremation $1,962 117

Local Funeral Homes

Name / Link Address Phone Score Reviews
Smith & Thomas Funeral Home 5708 W Madison St (773) 261-1000 4.3 101
Lakeview Funeral Home 1458 W Belmont Ave (773) 472-6300 4.5 12
Leak & Sons Funeral Homes 7838 S Cottage Grove Ave (773) 846-6567 3.5 130
Calahan Funeral Home 7030 S Halsted St Suite 200 (773) 723-4400 4.2 44
Malec & Sons Funeral Home 6000 N Milwaukee Ave (773) 774-4100 4.9 61
Gibbons Family Funeral Home 5917 W Irving Park Rd (773) 777-3944 3.4 5
Golden Gate Funeral Home 2036 W 79th St (773) 846-7900 4.1 13

Costs Of Funerals & Cremations in Aurora, Illinois

Aurora, IL is a city located in the state of Illinois, USA. It is the second largest city in the state and has a population of over 200,000 people. The city is situated about 40 miles west of Chicago and is known for its historic downtown area, which features a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Aurora is also home to several parks and recreational areas, including the Fox River Trail and Blackberry Farm. Additionally, the city has a diverse economy that includes manufacturing, healthcare, and education. Overall, Aurora is a vibrant and bustling city that offers a unique blend of history, culture, and modern amenities.

Category Average Cost Rank
Traditional Funeral & Burial $6,720 114
Cremation with Service $3,715 105
Direct Burial $2,070 119
Direct Cremation $3,236 13

Local Funeral Homes

Name / Link Address Phone Score Reviews
The Daleiden Mortuary 220 N Lake St (630) 631-5500 4.7 40
Healy Chapel 332 W Downer Pl 4.3 6
James Funeral Services 204 Hill Ave (630) 851-6503 3.1 30
Cypress Pointe Cremation/Aurora Funeral Home 1664 N Randall Rd (630) 692-3962 5.0 7
Dieterle Memorial Home & Cremation Ceremonies 1120 S Broadway (630) 897-1196 5.0 105
The Death Of Me 1779 Hickory Park Ln 5.0 1
Healy Chaple’s Original Location 50 W Downer Pl 5.0 1

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Cremation & Burial Costs in Joliet, Illinois

Joliet, IL is a city located in Will County, Illinois, United States. It is approximately 40 miles southwest of Chicago and has a population of around 150,000 people. Joliet is known for its historic downtown area, which features many restored buildings from the 19th century, as well as its proximity to popular attractions such as the Chicagoland Speedway and Harrah’s Joliet Casino. The city also has a thriving arts and culture scene, with several museums, theaters, and galleries. Joliet is a diverse community with a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas, and is home to several major corporations and employers.

Category Average Cost Rank
Traditional Funeral & Burial $6,730 113
Cremation with Service $3,772 97
Direct Burial $3,472 20
Direct Cremation $1,996 115

Local Funeral Homes

Name / Link Address Phone Score Reviews
Blackburn-Giegerich-Sonntag Funeral Home 1500 Black Rd (815) 744-4444 4.5 15
Tezak’s Home to Celebrate Life 1211 Plainfield Rd (815) 722-0524 4.8 40
Minor-Morris Funeral Home 112 Richards St (815) 723-1283 4.0 28
Fred C Dames Funeral Home and Crematory at Essington Rds, 3200 Black Rd (815) 741-5500 4.8 31
Carlson Holmquist-Sayles Funeral Home & Crematory 2320 Black Rd (815) 744-0022 4.9 20
Farkas Funeral Home 3201 W Jefferson St (815) 725-0100 5.0 37
Delgado Funeral Chapel 400 N Landau Ave (815) 774-9220 4.7 14

Costs of Funeral Services in Naperville, Illinois

Naperville, IL is a city located in the northeastern part of Illinois, approximately 28 miles west of Chicago. It is the fifth largest city in the state and has a population of over 147,000 people. Naperville is known for its excellent schools, beautiful parks and recreation areas, and thriving downtown area. It has been named one of the best places to live in the United States by numerous publications. The city is home to many cultural and community events throughout the year, including the Naperville Riverwalk Fine Art Fair, Naperville Wine Festival, and the Last Fling festival.

Category Average Cost Rank
Traditional Funeral & Burial $8,108 8
Cremation with Service $4,796 10
Direct Burial $3,575 16
Direct Cremation $2,275 80

Local Funeral Homes

Name / Link Address Phone Score Reviews
Friedrich-Jones Funeral Home 44 S Mill St (630) 355-0213 5.0 41
Beidelman-Kunsch Funeral Homes & Crematory 516 S Washington St 4.8 12
Beidelman-Kunsch Funeral Homes & Crematory 24021 Royal Worlington Dr (630) 922-9630 5.0 41
In Loving Memory 2863 95th St #151
Assist 750 E Diehl Rd
McCauley-Sullivan Funeral Home & Crematorium 530 W Boughton Rd 4.6 34
R&S Markers (331) 229-8981

Funeral and Cremation Service Costs in Rockford, Illinois

Rockford, IL is a city located in northern Illinois, approximately 90 miles northwest of Chicago. It is the third largest city in the state and has a population of around 150,000 people. Rockford is known for its manufacturing industry, particularly in the aerospace and automotive sectors. The city is home to several museums and cultural institutions, including the Burpee Museum of Natural History and the Anderson Japanese Gardens. Rockford also has a strong sports culture, with minor league baseball and hockey teams, as well as a popular BMX bike park.

Category Average Cost Rank
Traditional Funeral & Burial $6,672 124
Cremation with Service $3,602 113
Direct Burial $3,082 39
Direct Cremation $2,155 97

Local Funeral Homes

Name / Link Address Phone Score Reviews
Sundberg Funeral Home, Ltd. 215 N 6th St (815) 962-7743 4.1 34
Fitzgerald Funeral Home & Crematory 1860 S Mulford Rd (815) 226-2273 4.7 28
Olson Funeral & Cremation Services Ltd., Fred C Olson Chapel 1001 2nd Ave (815) 963-6521 5.0 21
Christenson Funeral Home & Crematory 925 3rd Ave (815) 965-1600 4.8 28
Carl E Ponds Funeral Home: Ponds Ernest 200 N Johnston Ave (815) 963-6981 4.8 23
Gasparini & Oliveri Funeral Home 707 Marchesano Dr (815) 964-6332 5.0 3
Grace Funeral & Cremation Services 4301 N Main St (815) 395-0559 4.9 55

How to Finance a Funeral

Funerals can be expensive, and it’s important to plan ahead to ensure that you can afford the costs. There are several options available to finance a funeral, including:

Burial Insurance, Funeral Insurance, Final Expense Insurance, and Life Insurance

These types of insurance policies are all essentially the same thing: they provide a lump sum payment to cover funeral expenses when the policyholder passes away. Burial insurance and funeral insurance are specifically designed to cover funeral costs, while final expense insurance and life insurance can be used for any end-of-life expenses, including funeral costs.

It’s important to note that these policies may have restrictions or exclusions, so it’s important to read the fine print carefully before purchasing. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that the policy provides enough coverage to cover the full cost of the funeral.

Prepaid Funeral Plans

Prepaid funeral plans allow individuals to pay for their funeral expenses in advance. While this may seem like a good option, there are risks involved. If the funeral home goes out of business or the individual moves to a different area, the prepaid funds may not be available when needed. Additionally, prepaid funeral plans may not cover all expenses, leaving loved ones to cover the remaining costs.

Overall, it’s important to carefully consider all options when financing a funeral. Planning ahead and discussing options with loved ones can help ensure that funeral costs are covered without causing financial strain.

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