Should You Buy Burial Insurance?

Step 1: What Are Your End-Of-Life Costs?

Step 2: What’s Your Gap?

  • If you have a gap, you’re not alone
  • 87% of Americans do not have enough in savings to cover their final expenses

Step 3.A: What If Your Loved Ones Have To Pay?

Step 3.B:  How Are You Going To Pay?

Option 1Start saving now

Option 2Buy burial insurance

Burial insurance is a type of life insurance that’s designed to cover your end-of-life expenses

It’s also called final expense insurance or funeral insurance

Think of burial insurance as a savings account that’s pre-funded with the amount you need.


An example: A 65-year-old female could buy a $10,000 policy for $40 per month.  This would protect your loved ones immediately.

What if you put this $40 per month in savings?

It would take you 250 months to save $10,000.  That’s 21 years of risking trapping your loved ones in $10,000 of debt.

Is that worth the few bucks you would save if you lived past 86?

Good News!

You can get burial insurance for as little as $1 per day.

And you can get it immediately.

More Good News

ALL of our carriers offer:

  • Immediate, no-waiting-period coverage
  • A short, 15-minute application (no medical exam required)
  • A generous money-back guarantee

Get started by checking your rate.

Choose kindness.

You never know what battles people may be fighting.