Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance (“GI”)
The fastest, most surefire path to coverage

The Basics

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance (“GI”):
5 Things To Know

  • Ages 40-80 only
  • Coverage from $2,000 to $25,000
  • You can’t be denied
  • No health checks (no exams, questions, or record checks)
  • There is a two-year “waiting period”

The Essentials

What Is A Waiting Period?

A waiting period refers to the time you have to “wait” before your policy pays out your full death benefit.

  • If death occurs during the waiting period, the beneficiary gets a refund of your paid premiums (plus ~10% interest)
  • After Year 2, your policy will pay out your full benefit, no matter what
How To Make Money With GI

Those near end-of-life have a unique option to do financial good by their family

  • 70-year-old female
  • Recently diagnosed with terminal condition, with ~1 year left to live
  • She can get $25,000 of guaranteed issue life insurance for $187/month

Is it worth it?

Scenario 1
Death During Waiting Period

Let’s say she passes away in 1 year, as expected.

She would have paid in ~$2,100 in premiums.

Her family would get a refund of this amount + 10% interest = ~$2,300.

Scenario 2
Death After Waiting Period

Now, let’s say she beats the odds and is living after two years.

If she passed right then, she would have paid in ~$4,500 to give her family a payout of $25,000.

Even if she lived 10 years longer than her doctors expected, her family would still get $4,000 more than what she paid in.

Takeaway: You won’t find another no-brainer like this in all of insurance.

The Punch Line

Is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Worth It?

For those who don’t qualify for traditional life insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance may be a lifesaver. It allows high-risk individuals the same chance to protect their families that other have.

  • No hassle (guaranteed approval)
  • Fast (5-minute app, immediate approval)
  • Private (no exam + records not checked)
  • Excellent value for those near end-of-life
  • Can use credit card to pay
  • More expensive than underwritten burial insurance policies
  • Two-year “waiting period”

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