Artisans Order Of Mutual Protection

The Artisans Order of Mutual Protection is a fraternal benefit society operating in the United States. It was founded by Civil war medical examiner Dr. James Bunn, his Supervisor Dr. Matson, and Mr. McMurray. The idea of a fraternal benefit society that would be more satisfactory in terms of benefits for the working man was first discussed by this group in 1867. The charter was signed on May 1, 1873, making the Artisans the oldest fraternal benefit society of its kind in the United States. The Order has a two-level structure with local units called “Assemblies” and a national body called the Most Excellent Assembly. The national office is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Order offers term and whole life insurance policies as well as annuities. It also has a junior department for young males and females, and a women’s department with its own assemblies. As of 2017, the organization had approximately 6000 members.

Company Details
Founded 1873
Phone 800-551-1873
Address 8100 Roosevelt Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19152
States Licenses NJ,PA
Insurance Types Annuity, Life
A.M. Best
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