Entrada Life Insurance Company

Entrada Life Insurance Company is an investor in the construction insurance company, Billy. Billy was founded in 2020 by Nyasha Gutsa and Grant Robbins as a project during the pandemic. The company digitizes and streamlines the construction compliance management process. It has two revenue models: a SaaS platform that collects, verifies, and tracks compliance documents for general contractors, developers, and property managers, and a marketplace that provides insurance solutions using the data from the SaaS platform. Billy has been used in the construction of high-speed rail projects, residential buildings, and homes. The company aims to reduce the risk in the construction sector and provide visibility to insurance carriers about their client’s risk. Billy is a licensed digital broker representing more than 30 insurance carriers to help them manage workflow.

Company Details
Founded 2020
Phone 515-221-0002
Address 6000 Westown Parkway
West Des Moines, IA 50266
Insurance Types Annuity, Life
A.M. Best
BBB Rating