Police And Firemen's Insurance Association

The Police and Firemen’s Insurance Association is a mutual benefit association for policemen and firemen. It was established in 1913 to provide immediate aid to families affected by a series of catastrophes that hit the Indianapolis Police and Fire Departments. Although it was initially intended to be a local concern, it rapidly expanded to include other police and fire departments around the country.

The association is organized into local groups or “sections”, which are required to meet at least once a month and maintain a relief committee. It also holds national conventions or “Supreme Legislative Body” meetings every four years.

In 1967, the association had 38,000 members, which decreased to 14,000 by 1979, spread across 39 states and the District of Columbia. Despite the decline in numbers, it still asserted that it was the largest organization in the world that exclusively served police and firemen.

The Police and Firemen’s Insurance Association’s corporate structure is designated as a fraternal type. They are domiciled in Indiana and have been authorized to conduct business in California since 09/26/1924. Their primary lines of insurance business are life and disability.

The company’s mailbox address is PO Box 1913, Carmel, IN 46032 and can be contacted via the telephone number 800-221-7342.

Company Details
Founded 1913
Phone 317-581-1913
Address 101 East 116th Street
Carmel, IN 46032
States Licenses CA,CO,DC,IN,KS,MN,OH,TX
Insurance Types Annuity, Health, Life
A.M. Best
BBB Rating