Slovene National Benefit Society

The Slovene National Benefit Society, also known by its Slovene initials S.N.P.J., is an ethnic fraternal benefit and social organization for Slovene immigrants and their descendants in the United States. It was founded in 1904 and is headquartered in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA near Imperial. The SNPJ was formed in Chicago, Illinois on April 6, 1904, and held its first convention on April 9. The organization was incorporated on June 17, 1907. The Society was founded on a “freethought” basis. The local chapters of the Society are called “Lodges” and the supreme authority is the “National Legislative Body”, which meets quadrennially. Between conventions, the Society is run by a “National Board”. The Society offers a death benefit of $500 to males, with a $1 flat rate assessment. However, by the 1970s, the Society was a legal reserve fund insurance group. The Society sponsors scholarships and operates a recreation center for its members, among other activities.

Company Details
Founded 1904
Phone 724-695-1100
Address 247 West Allegheny Road
Imperial, PA 15126
Insurance Types Annuity, Health, Life
A.M. Best
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