Wilcac Life Insurance Company

Wilcac Life Insurance Company is a business that operates in multiple locations, with addresses listed in Nashville, TN and Jacksonville, IL. The company’s headquarters is located at 20 Glover Ave, Norwalk, CT. It was previously known as Continental Assurance Company until the name change took effect on 04/08/2015. The company is authorized to transact within the lines of disability and life insurance. The company has a BBB rating of F and is not BBB accredited. Over the past 3 years, it has closed 27 customer complaints. The company’s contact number is 800-437-8854.

Company Details
Phone 203-762-4400
Address 20 Glover Avenue 4th Floor
Norwalk, CT 6850
Insurance Types Annuity, Health, Life
A.M. Best F
BBB Rating