Do I Get Money Back If I Cancel My Term Life Insurance?

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Life insurance policies can be canceled anytime, but there may be some exceptions to the rules depending on the type of policy you have. If you have a whole life insurance policy, you may need to pay some surrender charges or fees when canceling your policy. On the other hand, if you have a term life insurance policy, you will not receive any refund when you cancel the policy, as these policies do not build up cash value.

However, if you have a permanent life insurance policy, such as whole or universal life insurance, you may receive a refund of the premiums you have paid into the policy, minus any fees associated with canceling the policy. These policies build up cash value over time, so you may be able to receive a portion of this cash value when you cancel the policy.

Before canceling your life insurance policy, it’s important to compare different options and consider your current financial situation. If you need funds, cashing in a paid-up universal or whole life insurance policy may be a viable option. But be aware that this will forfeit the death benefit, and you may face taxes on the amount received.

If you are considering canceling your life insurance policy, it’s recommended to contact your insurer and discuss your options. The cancellation fees and surrender charges will vary depending on your policy type and the insurer you are with. You can also consider selling your life insurance policy, which may provide you with a lump sum of cash, typically more than the policy’s cash value.

Policy Type Refund Upon Cancellation
Term Life Insurance No refund
Whole Life Insurance Refund of premiums minus fees and charges
Universal Life Insurance Refund of premiums minus fees and charges

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