What Do Life Insurance Urine Tests Look For?

Traditional life insurance policies require a medical exam that involves a urine and blood sample as part of the underwriting process. The urine test is used to identify the presence of drugs, nicotine, and other health issues. The following table shows the different risk categories used by insurance companies:

Risk CategoryDescription
Preferred PlusNo adverse health conditions, excellent overall health
PreferredNo significant health issues, excellent overall health
Standard PlusMinor health issues, good overall health
StandardSome health issues, average overall health
SubstandardSignificant health issues, below average overall health

A paramedical professional is sent by the insurance company to your home or business to perform the exam. The exam takes up to 30 minutes and includes a blood and urine sample, weight, and blood pressure check. You will use a cup to provide a urine sample, and the temperature strip on the cup determines if the urine is genuine and fresh.

It’s recommended to fast before the exam, and early appointments are preferred. The samples are sent to a lab, and you will be given a code to check the results. If you have pre-existing health conditions, the insurance company may request your medical records from your primary care physician, which can lengthen the underwriting process.

It’s important to answer truthfully on your life insurance application, and if discovered that you lied or failed to disclose important information, the insurance company can invalidate the policy. Your blood and urine sample will also reveal if there are drugs, nicotine, or other health problems.

If you are denied life insurance coverage for health reasons, consider no medical exam life insurance. Keep in mind that this type of insurance is more expensive, with limited death benefits and only available for a limited term of up to 20 years. Getting a medical exam with a urine test and blood sample helps to lower your premiums because the underwriting process can better determine your level of risk.

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