What Is The Catch With Whole Life Insurance?

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Whole life insurance policies are a type of permanent insurance that offer coverage until the policyholder’s death. As premiums are paid, a cash value builds up, which can be withdrawn or borrowed against. However, there are some disadvantages to whole life insurance that should be considered.

Disadvantages of Whole Life Insurance

1 Monthly premiums cost more than with term policies.
2 Higher premiums due to the accumulation of a cash value and bigger commissions for agents.
3 May be unable to afford a large enough death benefit to provide full financial protection for your family.
4 Earned interest on the cash value may be offset by rapid increases in the cost of living.
5 The insurance company determines how to invest the cash value portion of the policy.
6 Policyholders are locked into a fixed death benefit that may become too small or large over time.

Despite these disadvantages, there are also some advantages to whole life insurance:

Advantages of Whole Life Insurance

1 Policy remains in effect unless premiums are stopped or the policy is cancelled.
2 No need to undergo a physical examination or complete a health questionnaire with each renewal.
3 Fixed premium payments that won’t be impacted by age, changes in health status, or increases in cost of living.
4 Interest earned on the cash value is tax deferred, and death benefits are usually not taxed.
5 Cash value can be withdrawn or borrowed against if needed.

Ultimately, the type of life insurance that is right for an individual depends on several factors. It is important to calculate life insurance needs and compare plans that are available in your area. Compare life insurance plans online, including whole life insurance, term life insurance, and other types of policies, and chat with a licensed insurance agent who can help compare plans.

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