What Is The New State Regulated Life Insurance Program?

If you have received mailers or advertisements claiming a new state-regulated life insurance program for citizens, you might be wondering what it is. In reality, all life insurance companies are already regulated at the state level. They must obtain a license from the state’s insurance department to sell insurance products. However, some companies use the term “state-regulated” as a marketing strategy to trick people into giving away their personal information.

State-Regulated Life Insurance Mailers

State-regulated life insurance mailers are misleading lead generation strategies that make people believe there is a state-sponsored insurance plan for their final expenses. They often use phrases like “New Government Benefit Update” or “Important Letter of Notification” to make the offer sound official. However, they are not affiliated with any government agency.

These mailers aim to obtain personal information from people in exchange for information about the supposed state-regulated life insurance program. The company that sends these mailings may sell the personal information to insurance companies in the person’s state, resulting in numerous solicitation calls and mail.

Beware of State-Regulated Life Insurance Offers

If you receive a state-regulated life insurance mailer, it is best to throw it away. Do not provide personal information to anyone you cannot verify as a trusted source for insurance. Check your existing burial insurance coverage before considering any offers from such mailers. Burial insurance, also known as funeral or final expense insurance, is a whole life insurance policy designed to cover the cost of a funeral, burial, and other final expenses.

Below is a table of state-sponsored programs for final expenses:

State Program Name
Alabama Alabama Department of Insurance Burial Assistance Program
Alaska Senior Benefits Program
Arizona Arizona Funeral Board Assistance Program
Arkansas Arkansas Social Security Death Benefit
California County Medical Services Program
Colorado Old Age Pension
Connecticut State Administered General Assistance
Delaware Delaware Funeral Trust
Florida Florida Department of Children and Families Burial Assistance
Georgia Indigent Burial and Cremation Program
Hawaii State Burial Assistance Program
Idaho Indigent Assistance Fund
Illinois Illinois Department of Human Services Burial and Cremation
Indiana Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs Cemetery Fund
Iowa Iowa Department of Human Services
Kansas Kansas Department for Children and Families Burial Assistance
Kentucky Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Louisiana Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs
Maine Maine Department of Health and Human Services Burial Assistance Program
Maryland Maryland Department of Human Services Burial Assistance Program
Massachusetts Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance Funeral and Burial Program
Michigan Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Minnesota Minnesota Supplemental Aid Special Needs Program
Mississippi Mississippi Department of Human Services
Missouri Missouri Department of Social Services
Montana Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services
Nebraska Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Nevada Nevada Department of Health and Human Services
New Hampshire New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services
New Jersey New Jersey Department of Human Services Burial Assistance
New Mexico New Mexico Human Services Department
New York New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance Burial Assistance Program
North Carolina North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
North Dakota North Dakota Department of Human Services
Ohio Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
Oklahoma Oklahoma Department of Human Services
Oregon Oregon Department of Human Services
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Department of Human Services
Rhode Island Rhode Island Department of Human Services
South Carolina South Carolina Department of Social Services
South Dakota South Dakota Department of Social Services
Tennessee Tennessee Department of Human Services
Texas Texas Health and Human Services Commission
Utah Utah Department of Human Services
Vermont Vermont Department for Children and Families
Virginia Virginia Department of Social Services
Washington Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
West Virginia West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources
Wisconsin Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Wyoming Wyoming Department of Family Services

Do not fall for state-regulated life insurance offers that may be a scam. Instead, contact a trusted insurance agency like Funeral Funds to learn more about your options.

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