What Is Tricare For Life Insurance?

TRICARE For Life is a health insurance program for retired military personnel and their families. This insurance program is designed to supplement Medicare coverage for those who are eligible for both Medicare and TRICARE For Life.

Enrollment and Coverage

Enrollment in TRICARE For Life is automatic for those who are eligible and have both Medicare Parts A and B. There is no enrollment fee, but you must pay monthly premiums for Medicare Part B based on your income.

As proof of coverage, you only need to present your Medicare card and military ID. You may visit any authorized provider, including military hospitals and clinics if space is available.

Medicare provides coverage in the U.S. and U.S. Territories, but not in any other overseas locations. When using TRICARE For Life in all other overseas locations, TRICARE is the primary payer, and you’re responsible for paying TRICARE’s annual deductible and cost shares.

Out-of-Pocket Costs

Your out-of-pocket costs for medical services depend on the type of service and whether it is covered by Medicare, TRICARE, or both. You can refer to the following table for a breakdown of the cost-sharing:

Type of ServiceMedicare PaysTRICARE PaysYou Pay
Covered by TRICARE and MedicareMedicare-authorized amountRemaining amountNothing
Covered by Medicare onlyMedicare-authorized amountNothingMedicare deductible and cost-share
Covered by TRICARE onlyNothingTRICARE-allowable amountTRICARE deductible and cost-share
Not covered by TRICARE or MedicareNothingNothingBilled charges (which may exceed the Medicare or TRICARE-allowable amount)

Other Information

If you have other health insurance, such as a Medicare supplement or an employer-sponsored health plan, you can use TRICARE For Life as long as you have both Medicare Parts A and B. Your claim must be filed within one year from the date of care.

If you live overseas, you must have Part B to remain eligible for TRICARE For Life, even though Medicare doesn’t provide coverage overseas.

TRICARE For Life contractors assist with claims and provide customer service to all those using TRICARE For Life. You can call Wisconsin Physicians Service (WPS) at 1-866-773-0404 to order a hard copy of the TRICARE For Life Handbook.

In conclusion, TRICARE For Life is a valuable health insurance program for retired military personnel and their families. It provides supplemental coverage to Medicare and offers a range of benefits at little to no cost to the beneficiary.

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