Leading Causes of Death for 57-Year-Olds

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As we age, our bodies become more susceptible to illnesses and diseases. For 57-year-olds, there are certain conditions that pose a greater risk than others. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the leading causes of death for individuals in this age range, including heart disease, cancer, and stroke. We'll also explore the potential risk factors and preventative measures that can help to reduce these risks and improve overall health and longevity. So if you're over 50 and looking to take control of your health, read on to learn more about the most significant health risks you should be aware of. (Note: See here for 56-year-old causes of death or here for the most common causes of death for 58-year-olds.)

Leading Causes of Death for 57-Year-Olds (2021 CDC Data)

Cause of DeathTotal Deaths
Heart Disease9,058
Accidents (Incl. Overdoses)3,600
Liver Disease (incl. Cirrhosis)1,680
Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease1,184
Kidney Disease505
Flu (Non-COVID)373
Pneumonitis Due To Solids & Liquids164
Congenital Malformations137
Viral Hepatitis118
Alzheimer's Disease77
Nutritional Deficiency61
Peptic Ulcer38
Parkinson's Disease27

According to the 2021 data from the CDC, heart disease was the leading cause of death for 57-year-olds, with 9,058 deaths reported. This is followed closely by cancer, with 8,138 deaths reported. Surprisingly, COVID-19 was the third leading cause of death, with 6,163 deaths reported.

Accidents, including overdoses, were the fourth leading cause, with 3,600 deaths reported. This highlights the need for continued efforts to reduce drug addiction and improve safety measures.

Liver disease, including cirrhosis, was the fifth leading cause, with 1,680 deaths reported. This highlights the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption.

Diabetes was the sixth leading cause, with 1,540 deaths reported. This highlights the need for better management of diabetes and improved access to healthcare.

Chronic lower respiratory disease, suicide, septicemia, and kidney disease rounded out the top ten leading causes of death, with 1,184, 784, 552, and 505 deaths reported, respectively.

In conclusion, while heart disease and cancer remain the top causes of mortality for 57-year-olds, COVID-19 has emerged as a significant threat. This data emphasizes the need for continued efforts to reduce the prevalence of chronic diseases, improve access to healthcare, and promote healthy lifestyles.

Top Causes of Death for Age 57 Men

Cause of DeathTotal Deaths
Heart Disease6,187
Accidents (Incl. Overdoses)2,603
Liver Disease (incl. Cirrhosis)1,087
Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease554
Kidney Disease309
Flu (Non-COVID)204
Pneumonitis Due To Solids & Liquids102
Congenital Malformations74
Viral Hepatitis68
Peptic Ulcer38
Nutritional Deficiency33
Alzheimer's Disease33
Parkinson's Disease27

Looking at the data for men aged 57 years, heart disease emerges as the leading cause of mortality with 6,187 deaths reported. Cancer comes in second with 4,258 deaths reported followed closely by COVID-19 with 3,890 deaths. Accidents, including overdoses, emerge as the fourth leading cause with 2,603 deaths reported.

Liver disease, including cirrhosis, is the fifth leading cause with 1,087 deaths reported. Meanwhile, diabetes accounts for 969 deaths and suicide accounts for 582 deaths. Chronic lower respiratory disease comes in eighth with 554 deaths reported while kidney disease accounts for 309 deaths. Septicemia and flu (non-COVID) are the ninth and eleventh leading causes of death respectively.

Homicide, HIV, pneumonitis due to solids and liquids, congenital malformations, viral hepatitis, peptic ulcer, nutritional deficiency, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease round out the other causes of mortality reported. All of these have fewer deaths reported than the top ten causes.

In conclusion, heart disease, cancer, and COVID-19 remain the leading causes of death for 57-year-old men. Accidents and liver disease, including cirrhosis, follow them in the list of top causes of mortality. These observations suggest the need for continued emphasis on early detection and prevention of chronic diseases, increased education and awareness on the dangers of substance abuse, and effective management of mental health issues.

Common Causes of Death for 57-Year-Old Women

Cause of DeathTotal Deaths
Heart Disease2,871
Accidents (Incl. Overdoses)997
Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease630
Liver Disease (incl. Cirrhosis)593
Kidney Disease196
Flu (Non-COVID)169
Congenital Malformations63
Pneumonitis Due To Solids & Liquids62
Viral Hepatitis50
Alzheimer's Disease44
Nutritional Deficiency28

Upon reviewing the data for 57-year-old women, it can be observed that cancer is the top cause of mortality with 3,880 reported deaths. Heart disease and COVID-19 follow closely behind, with 2,871 and 2,273 reported deaths, respectively.

Accidents, including overdoses, are the fourth leading cause of death, with 997 reported deaths. Chronic lower respiratory disease and liver disease, including cirrhosis, follow with 630 and 593 reported deaths, respectively.

Diabetes, septicemia, suicide, and kidney disease round out the top ten leading causes of death, with 571, 246, 202, and 196 reported deaths, respectively. Flu, non-COVID, congenital malformations, and pneumonitis due to solids and liquids are also noteworthy causes of death, with 169, 63, and 62 reported deaths, respectively.

Additionally, homicide, viral hepatitis, Alzheimer’s disease, HIV, and nutritional deficiency were reported as causes of mortality among 57-year-old women, albeit less commonly.

Overall, cancer is the leading cause of death for this age and gender group, followed closely by heart disease and COVID-19. Accidents, chronic diseases, and infections are also significant causes of mortality.