Leading Causes of Death for 82-Year-Olds

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As we age, we face an increased risk of certain health conditions that can ultimately lead to death. For 82-year-olds, there are several leading causes of death that they should be aware of, including heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases, stroke, and Alzheimer's disease. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at each of these conditions and explore ways to prevent or manage them to help increase the longevity and quality of life for those in their senior years. Whether you're an 82-year-old yourself or a caregiver for someone in this age range, understanding the potential health risks can help you make informed decisions for the future. (Note: See here for 81-year-old causes of death or here for the most common causes of death for 83-year-olds.)

Leading Causes of Death for 82-Year-Olds (2021 CDC Data)

Cause of DeathTotal Deaths
Heart Disease24,083
Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease4,608
Alzheimer's Disease4,290
Accidents (Incl. Overdoses)2,182
Parkinson's Disease1,876
Kidney Disease1,632
Flu (Non-COVID)1,184
Pneumonitis Due To Solids & Liquids599
Nutritional Deficiency532
Liver Disease (incl. Cirrhosis)444
Gallbladder Disorder132
Peptic Ulcer102

Based on the data from the CDC, the leading causes of death for 82-year-olds in 2021 were heart disease, cancer, and COVID-19. It’s not surprising that heart disease and cancer topped the list, as these are typically the most common causes of death for older individuals.

However, it’s notable that COVID-19 made it to the third spot on this list. This highlights how devastating the pandemic has been for vulnerable populations, particularly older individuals. It’s also interesting to see chronic lower respiratory disease and Alzheimer’s disease rank high on the list, as these conditions are often linked to aging as well.

In terms of demographics, it would be interesting to see how the mortality rates for 82-year-olds compare to those of other age groups. It’s possible that some of the causes of death on this list, like accidents and nutritional deficiencies, are more prevalent in younger age groups.

Overall, this data provides important insights into the leading causes of death for older individuals in the United States. While some of the causes, like heart disease and cancer, are well-known, others, like COVID-19, highlight the ongoing public health crisis and the need for continued vigilance in protecting vulnerable populations.

Top Causes of Death for Age 82 Men

Cause of DeathTotal Deaths
Heart Disease12,381
Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease2,153
Alzheimer's Disease1,453
Parkinson's Disease1,170
Accidents (Incl. Overdoses)1,170
Kidney Disease840
Flu (Non-COVID)645
Pneumonitis Due To Solids & Liquids353
Liver Disease (incl. Cirrhosis)244
Nutritional Deficiency236
Gallbladder Disorder63
Peptic Ulcer46

Looking at the data for age 82 men, we can see that the top causes of mortality follow a similar pattern to the overall data. Heart disease, cancer, and COVID-19 are still the top 3 leading causes of death, while chronic lower respiratory disease and Alzheimer’s disease also make the list.

What’s interesting to note is that accidents and overdoses are listed as the eighth leading cause of death for this demographic, causing roughly the same number of deaths as Parkinson’s disease. This suggests that older men may still be at risk for accidents or drug-related deaths, despite being in their 80s.

Additionally, we can see that male mortality rates for certain causes of death are higher than the overall data for all 82-year-olds. For example, the number of deaths due to accidents and overdoses is much higher for men, making it a more prominent cause of death for this demographic. Liver disease is also a more prevalent cause of death for men, while suicide rates are lower compared to the overall mortality data.

Overall, this data offers a more specific look at the leading causes of death for 82-year-old men. Heart disease and cancer continue to be the primary causes, but the data also highlights unique risks and trends for this demographic.

Common Causes of Death for 82-Year-Old Women

Cause of DeathTotal Deaths
Heart Disease11,702
Alzheimer's Disease2,837
Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease2,455
Accidents (Incl. Overdoses)1,012
Kidney Disease792
Parkinson's Disease706
Flu (Non-COVID)539
Nutritional Deficiency296
Pneumonitis Due To Solids & Liquids246
Liver Disease (incl. Cirrhosis)200
Gallbladder Disorder69
Peptic Ulcer56

Analyzing the mortality data for 82-year-old women, the leading causes of death include heart disease, cancer, and COVID-19. Of the total deaths, heart disease accounts for 30.2%, cancer accounts for 18.6%, and COVID-19 accounts for 10.9%. Alzheimer’s disease and chronic lower respiratory disease are also significant causes of mortality, contributing to 8.6% and 7.4% of deaths, respectively.

Other causes of death, such as diabetes, accidents, and kidney disease, also contribute significantly to mortality in this age group but are less prevalent compared to the previously mentioned causes. Suicide is the least common cause of death for 82-year-old women, accounting for only 0.1% of total deaths.

Interestingly, nutritional deficiency ranks higher on the list of causes of death for women compared to the overall data, highlighting the importance of proper nutrition for maintaining health in older age. Additionally, women seem to be less affected by accidents and overdoses compared to the overall population.

Overall, this analysis reinforces the importance of preventative measures for common causes of death in older women, such as heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, addressing issues related to COVID-19 and chronic lower respiratory disease is essential for ensuring the health and longevity of older women.