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Columbian Financial Group (“Dignified Choice”) Final Expense Whole Life Insurance



Your legacy is the gift you leave to your family

You want to leave your loved ones many things – cherished memories, treasured family heirlooms, and the financial security to achieve the goals you’ve planned together.

One thing you will not want to leave your family is the burden of outstanding debts from final expenses. A traditional funeral, including a casket and vault, costs about $8,000. This does not include additional items such as owers, memorial cards, family transportation and other items that can add thousands to the cost. Even if you’re eligible, Social Security or veteran’s benefits won’t come close to paying for your funeral.

With Dignified Choice life insurance, you can stop wondering how to cover your funeral expenses. If you’re between the ages of 25 – 85, you could qualify for coverage up to $35,000.

Classic Rider

Children’s Term Rider

You can add level term insurance for up to 20 children, grandchildren or great grandchildren. Rider coverage remains in effect to each child’s age 25, when it can be converted to permanent insurance. This rider is available with Classic Elite, Classic Select and Classic Advantage.

Accidental Death Benet Rider

Doubles the benet for death caused by accident before age 100. This rider is available with Classic Elite and Classic Select.

Accelerated Death Benet Rider

You can receive an advance payment of 50% of the base policy death benet if you are diagnosed with a terminal condition which is expected to result in death within 12 months. This rider is available with Classic Elite and Classic Select from day one and may be added to Classic Advantage after the modified benet period. There is no additional premium cost for the rider.

Classic Plans

Dignified Choice Whole Life Insurance

With four Classic plans, Columbian has a policy to t most individuals, even those who may find it difficult to obtain coverage due to health issues.

If you are in good health, the Classic Elite and Classic Select plans offer an immediate full death benefit from the day of issue for both accidental and non-accidental death.

Individuals who do not qualify for a full benet plan may be eligible for a Classic Advantage or Classic Security plan, which provides a modified benet. With both plans, the full death benet is payable for accidental death in any year. For non-accidental death occurring during the modified benet period, the death benet is equal to a refund of all base policy premiums plus 6% interest. The modified period is two years for Classic Advantage and three years for Classic Security. After the modified period, the full death benet is payable for death by any cause.

The Dignified Choice

Dignified Choice Advantages

Easy Qualification. Just answer a few health questions. There is no medical exam.

Affordable Premiums. Coverage available in amounts to t your needs and budget.

Convenient Payment Options. Have premiums deducted from your bank account, or let them bill you.

Policy Good Worldwide. Travel anywhere in the world, and you’re still covered.

Death Benefit Paid by Check. The tax-free proceeds can be used for final expenses or other needs.

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Accelerated Death Benefit, Accidental Death, Child Rider, Grandchild Rider

Underwriting Criteria

Build Chart, DMV Report, Health Questions, MIB, Prescription Drug History

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