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Gerber Life Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance


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Save Loved Ones from Covering Your Final Expenses

Do you jump into protection mode to take care of everyone in your family? At Gerber Life Insurance Company, they make it easy to prepare for the future and save your loved ones from burdens you can prevent.

Guaranteed Life is a whole life insurance policy that enables you to get life insurance protection in your later years, so your family members won’t have to take on the responsibility of covering any costly final expenses when you’re gone. With the cost of a funeral averaging over $7,000,1 and Social Security providing a one-time death payment of only $2552 (if you qualify), your family could be faced with a large funeral bill and other final expenses that may be difficult for them to pay.

A Gerber Life Guaranteed Life policy can cover you for up to $25,0003 to help make life easier for your family at a time when they may need it most. So you can continue to be the hero to your loved ones that they know you to be.

Being a Hero Is Easy with Gerber Life

For more than 50 years, Gerber Life has been providing budgetfriendly life insurance so that children and adults can have greater financial protection. Today, Gerber Life is trusted by millions of families. In December 2021, they were again awarded a rating of “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

Be a hero to your family and enhance your peace of mind with a Gerber Life Guaranteed Life Insurance policy. Designed to help cover such final expenses as medical bills, funeral costs and unpaid debt, it can help ease your loved ones’ minds as well.

Features & Benefits

  • You can’t be turned down — Regardless of your health, if you are between 50 and 80 years old, your acceptance is guaranteed once your completed application is submitted.
  • You choose your coverage amount — U.S. Citizens and permanent legal residents can choose a guaranteed face amount from $5,000 to $25,000 (total of all combined Gerber Life Guaranteed Life policies is $25,000).
  • No medical exams are required — There are no medical exams or lengthy health questionnaires to fill out.
  • Beneficiary proceeds are generally not taxable — Under current federal law, the Guaranteed Life policy death benefit is not subject to federal income tax when paid to a named beneficiary.
  • Your premiums never increase — Once you select the coverage amount you need, your premiums are guaranteed to never increase for as long as you hold the policy. You and your family will be protected at the same budget-friendly premium rate, now and in the future, without spending a penny more.

How It Works

Your death benefits for the first two years are graded — Gerber Life’s guarantee to accept applicants age 50 to 80 is made possible by a two-year Graded Death Benefit limitation. If death occurs within the first two policy years for any reason other than an accident, all premiums shall be paid to the beneficiary, plus an additional 10% of earned premium — the portion of paid premium that has been applied to the policy. You are fully covered after the initial two-year period — After the two-year Graded Death Benefit period, if the insured dies for any reason, the full face amount of the policy shall be paid to the beneficiary.


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