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Mutual of Omaha (“Guaranteed ADvantage”) Accidental Death Insurance


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Know the facts and help protect your family

Fatal accidents happen one every 15 minutes according to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) as reported by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (2016).

Furthermore, lifetime odds of dying from any unintentional cause are about 1 in 31, as reported by The National Safety Council’s 2015 edition of Injury Facts

Introducing Guaranteed ADvantage Accidental Death Insurance

You already do so many things to help protect your family. Now may be the right time to continue that protection with a Guaranteed ADvantage Accidental Death Insurance policy from Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company (Mutual of Omaha).

This insurance covers you in case of death resulting from an accident. Guaranteed ADvantage Accidental Death Insurance is affordable coverage with an easy application process. There are no health questions. No medical exams. No occupation restrictions. Since Guaranteed ADvantage is guaranteed coverage, you cannot be turned down.

In addition, Guaranteed ADvantage may be extended to provide additional coverage for your spouse and/or dependent children.

A Quick Glance at the Product

  • Face amounts from $50,000 to $500,000
  • Issue ages 18-70
  • With the election of Family coverage, the spouse’s death benefit pays at 100 percent of the primary insured’s death benefit, and dependant children at 20 percent of the primary insured’s death benefit
  • Guaranteed ADvantage covers death sustained from any accident, work-related or non-work related
  • Return of Premium (ROP) rider is available for ages 18-50 and pays a percentage of the premiums paid on the insurance policy at time of cancellation
  • Guaranteed ADvantage pays double the death benefit if death results from an accident while riding as a fare-paying passenger on a common carrier such as a boat, bus or airplane The Auto/Pedestrian benefit pays an additional 25 percent of the death benefit if the insured is killed while driving or riding in a private automobile or if struck by an automobile on a public street or highway
  • Insurance policy is guaranteed renewable to age 80 as long as premiums are paid

Guaranteed ADvantage May Fit Comfortably Within Your Budget

For example purposes only, a premium may be about $15 a month (actual premium payment determined at time of application) for a 35-year-old male needing $100,000 in coverage.

Guaranteed ADvantage accidental death insurance from Mutual of Omaha may fit in your budget and help you provide you and your family with the security of knowing that money will be available to help pay expenses if you die in an accident. Plus, the benefit will be paid directly to the person you choose as your beneficiary.

Why wait? Now may be the right time to continue protecting your loved ones with an insurance policy that is easy to apply for and guaranteed issue.

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