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Gerber Life Burial Insurance Review 2021 (Free Gift!)

Rikin Shah | Licensed Life & Health Insurance Agent

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Gerber Life offers three life insurance products for seniors; if you’re looking for final expense coverage, their guaranteed acceptance policy, with no medical exam, is best.

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Gerber Life Burial Insurance Reviews (3rd-Party)

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Who Is Gerber Life Insurance Company?

Gerber Life Insurance Company is a leading provider of life insurance protection for adults of all ages. They offer term life insurance, whole life insurance, and guaranteed acceptance life insurance products.

For those wondering, yes, Gerber Life Insurance company is the life insurance division of the well-known baby food company, as you can see in their logo!

Company 101
TypeLife Insurance Carrier
Phone(866) 503-4481
Address445 State Street
Fremont, MI 49412
BBB RatingA+
A.M. Best RatingA (Excellent)

You can reach Gerber Life’s customer service team at (866) 503-4480 Monday through Friday from 8am – 7pm (ET) and on Saturday from 9am – 5pm (ET).

Gerber has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an A (Excellent) financial strength rating from A.M. Best.

What Does Gerber Life Offer?

Gerber offers a range of life insurance products for both adult and children, including term life, whole life, guaranteed acceptance life insurance.

This review will focus on Gerber’s burial insurance policy, i.e., Geber Life Guaranteed Life Insurance.

Product Overview
Guaranteed IssueYes
Online ProcessYes
Medical ExamDepends

Once you have chosen a Gerber life product, there are no health questions to answer, and Gerber doesn’t require a medical exam.

Their plans offer simplified issues for whole life insurance policies to make it affordable for everyone in need of financial protection.

Gerber life only offers non-medical term life insurance options that will not affect an individual’s current health status.

A savings rider can be added to Gerber’s classic policy at any time, whether the child is 0 or 10 years old. When your rate goes down, Gerber automatically reinstates your previous premium rate until you complete your plan.

Finally, Gerber credit security add-on pays up to $100,000 of existing debt if you pass away.

Gerber Guaranteed Life Insurance

Gerber’s guaranteed acceptance burial insurance product is the best option if you are looking for permanent life insurance coverage that will help you meet your final expenses.

Similar to any other guaranteed life insurance policy, you are guaranteed to be approved as long as you meet the age eligibility criteria.

Waiting Period

The reason that Gerber is able to guarantee acceptance to all applicants ages 50 to 80 is because these plans involve a Graded Death Benefit.

It applies to the first two years of coverage when the policy is issued. If death occurs within the first two policy years for any reason other than an accident, all premiums plus 10% interest shall be paid to the beneficiary. If death is due to accidental causes within the first two policy years, the full death benefit shall be paid to the beneficiary.

Applicant may qualify for a full death benefit policy that provides full benefits from inception.

After the two-year Graded Period, if the insured dies for any reason, the full face amount of the policy shall be paid to the beneficiary. If the insured dies by suicide within two years from the Issue Date (one year in ND), the only amount payable will be the premiums paid for the policy plus 10%, less any debt against the policy.

Policy Exclusions

Accidental Death: Death is considered accidental if it occurs as a direct result of, and within 180 days of, an accidental bodily injury. To qualify as death from accidental causes, the death must occur while the policy is in force and within 180 days following the date of the accidental injury as defined further by the policy.

A death benefit will not be paid for an Accidental Death if death is caused or contributed to by or while doing the following:

  • Disease or infirmity of the mind or body, including medical or surgical treatment for such disease or infirmity
  • Death resulting from suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injury
  • Travel in or descent from an aircraft, if the insured acted in a non-passenger capacity
  • Travel in an aircraft or device used for testing or experimental purposes, used by or for any military authority, or used for travel beyond Earth’s atmosphere
  • Active participation in a riot, insurrection or terrorist activity
  • Death occurring while the insured is incarcerated; committing or attempting to commit a felony
  • Voluntary intake or use by any means of (a) any drug, unless prescribed or administered by a physician and taken in accordance with physician instructions, or (b) poison, gas or fumes, unless as a result of an occupational accident
  • Intoxication as defined by the jurisdiction where the accident occurred
  • Riding or driving in an air, land, or water vehicle in a race, speed, or endurance contest
  • Rock or mountain climbing; or aeronautics (hang-gliding, skydiving, parachuting, ultra light soaring, ballooning and parasailing)

Gerber Whole Life Insurance Policy

Gerber also offers a whole life insurance product. It’s whole life insurance product has much higher coverage limits, starting at $50,000 and going up all the way to $300,000.

Well there was no medical require medical exam required on the guaranteed acceptance product, those who are over 50 and applying for coverage above $100,0000 will be required to take a medical exam.

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Application

The application for Gerber Guaranteed Acceptence Life Insurance could not be easier.

It is a single page, mostly consisting of demographic information and does not ask any health questions.

Gerber Life Guaranteed Acceptance Application Page 1

Geber Life Guaranteed Acceptance Application Page 2

Who Is Gerber Life Insurance Good For?

Gerber is suitable for those who want affordable term coverage without having to answer invasive medical questions. Gerber insurance company offers low-cost policies, free financial security planning tools and makes it possible to get the coverage you need right away.

They also provide flex-pay options via Gerber life check-a-month, Gerber life monthly premium installment, Gerber life quarterly payment plan Gerber life offers Gerber universal whole life insurance for those who are healthy Gerber’s products are suitable for families that want to protect their loved ones Gerber is also great for individuals looking for a simple way to provide protection.

Gerber final expense insurance is designed to help families cover expenses should you pass away Gerber credit security provides coverage against your outstanding debt if you should die before the loan(s) have been paid off.

Gerber whole or term life insurance can be used as an investment tool by adding cash value accumulation Gerber final expense insurance policy can be purchased only once every three years Gerber life savings rider is only available on Gerber classic policy Gerber savings add-on can be added to Gerber traditional policy at any time Gerber credit security add-on is only available for Gerber whole life insurance policies.

Gerber Life Third-Party Reviews & Ratings

Gerber Life Insurance Company has an A (Excellent) financial strength rating from A.M. Best, the premier life insurance ratings agency. This rating measures the company’s ability to pay claims, even amid financial distress.

Gerber Life Complaint Summary Last Three Years

While there are not many Gerber Life customer reviews out there, we took a look at the Company’s Better Business Bureau complaints to get a sense of how customers viewed their experience.

Gerber Life has had 98 customer complaints over the past three years, 36 of which have been closed.

A breakdown of these complaints by type can be seen in the table above. Examples of individual customer complaints can be found in the screenshots at the top of this review.


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