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Life Health Insurance. Happiness Assurance.

GetSure: Who We Are

GetSure is an independent insurance agency.  We sell life insurance and health insurance policies, primarily to seniors.

Our Mission

We (Rikin and Sandeep) started GetSure because they were tired of seeing the poor quality of advice given seniors through Medicare and and final expense insurance commercials.

As we learned how many seniors are misled and harmed by these commercials (our parents included), we became passionate about changing this.

Soon, we decided to start a business that seniors could come to for high-quality, transparent Medicare and life insurance advice.

Customer Love
Transparent Content
Ad Free Content

Our Content

We strive to provide our readers with accurate information and high-quality advice.

To learn more about our content goals and processes, please see our Editorial Guidelines page.

Our Business Model

We think it is crucial that you understand where our interests lie and what it’s like to work with us.  Below, we’ll describe how we interact with our customers and how we make money.

How We Make Money

There are three ways that websites can make money:

  1. They can show ads
  2. They can refer you to another business (and get paid a referral fee)
  3. They can sell a product or service

We do it the old-fashioned way.  We sell life insurance, Medicare Advantage, and Medigap plans and earn a commission from the insurance company that issues the policy.  Our commissions are built into your insurance premiums.  Therefore:

Whether you buy from us or directly from the carrier, you pay exactly the same price.

Could we make a quick buck recommending companies that pay us to do so?  Sure.

But our readers would soon see through this, and we would lose trust.  By trying to grab that quick $1, we would lose $10 in the longer term.

How We Interact With Our Customers

We have two distinct interaction points with our readers and customers.

Part I.  Our Content Makes A First Impression

Like you, thousands of people have visited our website, primarily through a search engine.

We offer our content free from the distraction of ads or third-party offers.  If we have done our job, you will find clear and thorough answers to your questions.

When you are ready to buy a policy or would like us to review your coverage, you may choose to schedule a call with us.

Part II.  We Review Your Coverage And Offer Advice

In the second “phase” of our business, we get on the phone with you to review your coverage and make recommendations.  We explain the “what” and “why” of our advice in plain English.

  1. If our recommendations involve buying a new policy, we’ll offer to sell it to you
  2. If we advise reducing your coverage, we’ll offer to help you do this (at no cost)
  3. If we believe your coverage looks good as-is, we’ll tell you that and hope that you stay in touch!

The Result

What’s most important to us is doing the right thing by our customers.

From a values perspective and, to your surprise perhaps, from a profit perspective too.

Yes, we make a commission when we sell a policy.  However, customers we have helped pro bono are some of our most outspoken fans.  They send their friends and loved ones our way, and many of these referrals become our customers.

We know this for a fact: providing you with honest and thoughtful advice is a win-win for you and our business.

We’ve droned on for long enough, so we’ll wrap up here.  We hope you found this helpful, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at hello@getsure.org if you have questions!

Warm Regards,
The GetSure Team