Who We Are

GetSure is a nationally-licensed life insurance broker proudly serving Americans across all 50 states.  We sell term and whole life insurance to Americans of all ages.

We love what we do, and we put our heart and soul into serving our customers.

We’re On A Mission

GetSure is on a mission to rebuild trust between consumers and the life insurance industry.

Years of hard-selling from agents have left a bad taste in consumers’ mouths.  As a result, too many Americans are missing out on the value life insurance can offer.

Mission: Possible

We believe the solution is transparency.

Through our content, tools, and processes, we strive to provide a level of transparency that allows our readers to have confidence in our recommendations.

This allows them to act quicker and get covered while their rates are lower and their approval odds are higher.

Why Work With Us

1. You don’t have to look over your shoulder:  Every policy we sell checks three major boxes: it has a fixed rate, it covers all deaths, and it always pays your full death benefit.

2. Our interests are aligned: Some sites get paid when they refer you to an insurance carrier. Many get paid when you apply. We don’t make a penny until you have a policy in hand.

3.  The GetSure Guarantee:   We’ll take care of any policy request(s) you have, for the life of your policy, free of charge

Partnerships With 19 “A”-Rated Carriers

When you speak to a State Farm agent, he can only sell you State Farm policies. When you speak to a Northwestern Mutual agent, she can only sell you her company’s policies.

The biggest advantage of working with an independent agent is that you get to see your price and approval odds across many different companies. More “shots on goal” means a better deal, every time.

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