Burial Insurance

Leave them with happy memories, not debt

Product features

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A cash payout

Burial insurance = money to your family when you die


Terminal benefit

Withdraw 100% of your benefit if diagnosed with a terminal illness



It lasts for your whole life (as long as you make your monthly payments)


Effortless process

It's easy to get: you can apply 100% online in less than 10 minutes

How it works

We keep everything as simple as possible by standardizing the application process for all jobs.


Complete your application

Fill out our standardized application on our platform. Most applicants finish in under an hour.


Select companies

We'll immediately match you with any relevant openings and you get to pick which ones you're interested in.


Choose your offer

After 3 days all of your offers will arrive and you will have another 7 days to select your new company.

"GetSure is a nationally-licensed life insurance broker proudly serving Americans across all 50 states. We sell term and whole life insurance to Americans of all ages."

Our insurance partners

GetSure has partnered with 19 "A"-rated carriers, all of which have at least a 100-year track record in the business.

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