How Can I Get Life Insurance On My Spouse?

Married couples have the option of buying separate life insurance policies or a joint policy. However, joint life insurance policies are costlier and are rarely the best option for couples. Domestic partners have the same life insurance coverage options as married couples, as long as they can prove insurable interest. It’s illegal to take out a life insurance policy on your spouse without their knowledge.

Term life insurance is the most common type of life insurance for couples. It’s also usually the most affordable, especially if you purchase it while still young and in good health. A term life policy can last up to 40 years, but it eventually expires. If an insured person dies while the policy is active, their beneficiary will receive a tax-free lump sum of money for the death benefit.

The best life insurance coverage option for spouses will be buying one policy for each instead of a single policy that covers both. Buying two separate life insurance policies will offer most couples, regardless of their marital status, the most comprehensive coverage for a competitive price with an easy approval process. Each spouse can purchase the policy that offers the best premiums and benefits based on their health, gender, age, and lifestyle, and then name their spouse as their primary beneficiary.

Supplemental coverage from group life insurance is an addition to the base coverage included in some employer benefits packages. The supplemental coverage can usually be bought for yourself, your spouse, or your dependents. However, employers can limit the amount of additional coverage available, and you lose supplemental spouse coverage if you leave your employer. Your spouse may also be asked medical questions and can be denied coverage.

Most life insurance policies cover individuals, whereas spouse life insurance offers additional coverage for a spouse or domestic partner. This additional coverage can be included in a separate policy, or added as a rider. A few riders couples may be interested in considering include:

Rider Description
Accelerated death benefit rider With this rider, you can take money from the death benefit to pay your medical expenses in case of terminal illness. It can also cover end-of-life care such as hospice care or living in a nursing home.
Critical illness insurance rider This type of rider pays out accelerated benefits while you’re alive to cover treatment for certain illnesses specified in your policy that could limit your life expectancy and leave you with unaffordable medical bills.
Spousal insurance rider This is a family insurance rider that ensures you’ll receive a death benefit if your spouse dies. It can help cover the costs of household labor, like childcare, even if your spouse isn’t the primary breadwinner.

A licensed agent can help you and your spouse determine how much life insurance you need, choose a beneficiary, decide between term or whole life insurance, and pick the right life insurance company. As long as you can prove insurable interest, you’re eligible to get a policy and list your domestic partner as your beneficiary in the same way as a married person could.

Remember, you cannot legally buy a life insurance policy on another individual — even your spouse — without their consent. If both spouses provide some level of support for the family, then both people should have life insurance coverage.

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