How Much Does An Urn Cost? [& How To Save in 2021!]

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    How Much does an urn cost

    More and more families are opting for cremation instead of traditional burial for their deceased loved ones.  And therefore, funeral homes are increasingly offering cremation services and accompanying products, like cremation urns.

    In this article, we’ll look at the different types of cremation urns you can buy as well as the average price you’ll encounter for each.

    What Is A Cremation Urn?

    Ornate cremation urn with flowers
    Families are increasingly displaying their loved one's urn at their memorial service

    Cremation urns are vessels that hold the ashes of the deceased.

    A cremation urn can be made out of materials like wood, metal, or even porcelain. While some may look more decorative, others are meant to be simple, plain containers.

    Urns come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, so the cost of an urn will similarly vary.

    What Is An Urn Vault?

    Many people, especially Catholics, prefer to bury their loved one’s ashes.

    Urn vaults are protective containers that keep your urn safe when it is buried.  The graphic below will give you a sense of why they are needed.

    Why you need an urn vault

    Cremation Urns: Types & Average Costs

    In this section, we’ll go over the various types of urns, from traditional urns (such as wood, metal, and porcelain urns) to modern urns (such as keepsake urns, cremation jewelry, and even pet urns).

    And how much do cremation urns cost?  This is the second question we’ll answer, at the end of each section.

    Wood Urns

    Wooden urns are made out of natural materials like walnut, cherry, or mahogany. They usually have a gloss finish that makes them look more polished and detailed than others.  A wooden urn can be sealed with some sort of protective coating so the wood doesn’t wear away over time.

    Simple wooden urn box

    Metal Urns

    Metal urns are usually made out of metal alloy because this is the best material for durable, long-lasting, and safe cremation urns. These are great if you want something that will last a lifetime which is why they cost more than porcelain or glass ones.

    Metal urn at memorial service

    Porcelain Urns

    Porcelain is the most popular material for cremation urns, due to its durability, polish, and .

    Porcelain (ceramic or glass) urns can feature intricate designs and engraving, which can drive up the costs and put them out of reach of those with budget considerations.

    Decorated Porcelain Urn

    Keepsake Urns

    Keepsake cremation urns are a new trend and often look like jewelry.  A keepsake urn allows you to wear your loved one close to your heart and is somewhat similar to how people stored locks of hair from their deceased before photography was invented.

    , and this allows you to k because this is the only way you can keep some ashes. Keepsake designs come in different forms, such as rings, necklaces, pendants, etc.

    Keepsakes are typically made out of brass, bronze, sterling silver, pewter, or gold. 

    One of the most popular designs is a locket, which you can flip open and place some ashes inside. The locket then hangs by a chain around your neck, like how people wear religious symbols or family heirlooms to keep their own memories close to them.

    Cremation Ring
    An example of a cremation ring
    Cremation Necklace Holding Ashes
    An example of a cremation necklace

    Biodegradable Urns

    While most crematoriums offer biodegradable urn options, they can also choose to give you a regular container without specifying what type it is. They might only tell you that it’s an uncoated wood box or something like that.

    Where To Purchase A Cremation Urn

    Funeral Homes

    If family members have not looked into funeral planning in advance of a death, they often face time pressure that makes purchasing from a funeral home the only option.

    However, there is no doubt that the price ranges you’ll find at funeral homes will be considerably higher than those you’ll find in a more competitive marketplace (like online).

    cremation urn display at funeral home

    Online Retailers

    If you want to save money and see a much large variety of urn types, then you should definitely shop online.

    Our favorite retailers are listed below:

    Cremation Urn FAQs

    holding loved one's ashes

    How much ash is produced when a body is cremated?  On average, about 5 pounds for an adult.  However, ashes can weigh from 3 to 10 pounds, depending on the size and density of the deceased's bones.  (Organ tissue, fat, and fluids burn away during cremation, so only the weight of the bones matters).

    How Much Do Urns Cost? Most adult urns cost from about $75 on the low end to around $350 for most popular premium options. Keepsake urns, which hold a small portion of the remains, go for anywhere between $25 and $60 each. Urns that hold the ashes of two people are called companion urns and typically cost $350-600.

    The container's size, style, and material are all important factors in its overall cost. Most people pay $70 to $2,250 for a full sized, permanent urn and $50 to $350 for green burial containers.


    We hope that you enjoyed this look at the various types of urns and their costs.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send us an email.

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