Finding the Best $25000 Life Insurance Policy

A $25,000 life insurance policy can provide your loved ones with funds to cover end-of-life expenses like funeral costs, outstanding medical bills, and other debts when you pass away. While it may not replace your income, buying coverage can make a big difference in easing the financial burden on your family.

With average funeral expenses totaling $9,000 to $11,000, a $25,000 fixed death benefit can be enough coverage for final arrangements plus any outstanding debt, so your family can have financial security during this difficult time.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn about:

Follow along for everything you need to know to secure budget-friendly life insurance protection to cover final expenses.

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Term Life Insurance vs. Whole Life Insurance Plan for a Death Benefit Amount of $25,000

At $25,000 of coverage, you have two options for life insurance: term life and whole life. Let’s take a look at both.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance policies have fixed premiums and provide a level death benefit protection for a set period, such as 10, 20, or 30 years. Unlike whole life policies, they do not build cash value.

Term policies generally offer the most affordable coverage for younger individuals in good health whose life insurance needs may be substantial for a fixed time.

Many companies offer minimum coverage starting at $100,000, but GetSure works with many premier life insurance companies that offer $25,000 term life insurance.

Most term life insurance companies require a medical exam and extensive underwriting. However, some carriers now offer simplified issue term life insurance policies with no medical exam required. With a simplified issue term life policy, you’ll answer some medical history questions but skip the medical exam.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance offers permanent coverage and will pay death benefits for your entire life. Premiums stay level forever and never increase with age.

GetSure works with carriers offering guaranteed and simplified issue whole life insurance, which have a more lenient underwriting process than traditional policies. These policies require no medical exam, making approval easier even for those with poor health.

These policies also have a cash value component you can tap into, making it a safety net and a potential financial asset.

How Much Does $25,000 of Final Expense Life Insurance Coverage Cost?

Next, we’ll show you term life and whole life insurance quotes.

Term Life Insurance Rates

If you’re looking for term insurance, below you’ll find your lowest rates for a $25,000 simplified issue term life insurance policy. Note that these monthly costs are for healthy non-smokers.

$25,000 Term Life Insurance Rates for Men

Age20 Years30 Years
Age 40$9$11
Age 41$9$11
Age 42$9$12
Age 43$10$12
Age 44$10$13
Age 45$11$13
Age 46$11$14
Age 47$12$15
Age 48$12$16
Age 49$13$17
Age 50$14$18
Age 51$15$20
Age 52$16$22
Age 53$17$24
Age 54$18$26
Age 55$19$27
Age 56$21NA
Age 57$22NA
Age 58$24NA
Age 59$27NA
Age 60$29NA
Age 61$32NA
Age 62$36NA
Age 63$39NA
Age 64$42NA
Age 65$44NA

These term life rates illustrate how premium costs rise with age, policy length, and gender differences.

$25,000 Term Life Insurance Rates for Women

Age20 Years30 Years
Age 40$8$9
Age 41$8$10
Age 42$9$10
Age 43$9$10
Age 44$9$11
Age 45$9$11
Age 46$10$12
Age 47$10$13
Age 48$11$13
Age 49$11$14
Age 50$12$15
Age 51$13$16
Age 52$13$18
Age 53$14$19
Age 54$15$20
Age 55$15$21
Age 56$16NA
Age 57$17NA
Age 58$19NA
Age 59$20NA
Age 60$22NA
Age 61$24NA
Age 62$27NA
Age 63$30NA
Age 64$33NA
Age 65$35NA

$25,000 Whole Life Insurance Premiums

The simplified issue whole life monthly premiums below cover an age range from 40 to 89 for both males and females. The guaranteed issue rates cover a smaller age range of 50 to 80. The rates for both simplified and guaranteed issue show the impact of age and gender on pricing.

Simplified Issue Whole Life

Age 40$44$41
Age 41$45$42
Age 42$46$43
Age 43$48$45
Age 44$49$46
Age 45$51$48
Age 46$53$49
Age 47$54$50
Age 48$56$52
Age 49$58$54
Age 50$60$55
Age 51$62$57
Age 52$65$59
Age 53$67$60
Age 54$70$62
Age 55$72$64
Age 56$75$66
Age 57$78$69
Age 58$82$71
Age 59$85$74
Age 60$89$76
Age 61$93$80
Age 62$97$84
Age 63$102$88
Age 64$107$92
Age 65$112$97
Age 66$117$103
Age 67$123$108
Age 68$129$113
Age 69$135$118
Age 70$142$123
Age 71$150$130
Age 72$159$137
Age 73$169$145
Age 74$178$153
Age 75$238$172
Age 76$257$189
Age 77$275$201
Age 78$294$214
Age 79$312$226
Age 80$330$239
Age 81$357$256
Age 82$384$273
Age 83$410$290
Age 84$437$307
Age 85$464$324
Age 86$560$406
Age 87$655$487
Age 88$751$569
Age 89$847$651

Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life

Age 46$49$62
Age 47$50$64
Age 48$52$66
Age 49$54$68
Age 50$109$85
Age 51$117$91
Age 52$125$96
Age 53$132$101
Age 54$138$105
Age 55$143$109
Age 56$148$114
Age 57$151$117
Age 58$154$120
Age 59$157$124
Age 60$158$126
Age 61$170$134
Age 62$181$141
Age 63$192$147
Age 64$202$151
Age 65$211$155
Age 66$220$163
Age 67$228$170
Age 68$235$176
Age 69$241$182
Age 70$246$187
Age 71$269$206
Age 72$291$223
Age 73$312$240
Age 74$331$255
Age 75$347$269
Age 76$406$308
Age 77$462$345
Age 78$516$379
Age 79$567$411
Age 80$617$439
Would you ever sneak out to avoid paying a dinner bill?

So why would you leave your family with a $10,000 final expense bill?

Choosing the Best Life Insurance Company

Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing a top insurer for your $25,000 life insurance policy:

It’s smart to compare quotes from 3-5 reputable national companies rated highly for financial strength and customer satisfaction. This ensures you find the best value, given your situation.

3 Highly Rated Life Insurance Companies for A $25,000 Whole Life Insurance Policy

Based on the criteria above, here are some of the most popular whole life insurers to consider for $25,000 of permanent life insurance coverage.

Aetna Final Expense Insurance

The Aetna Final Expense policy from Continental Life is a whole life insurance plan to cover end-of-life costs.

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Policy Highlights

Company Strengths

Overall, the Aetna Final Expense whole life policy provides permanent coverage with flexible options to help pre-fund final arrangements and protect loved ones financially.

Transamerica Final Expense Insurance

This whole life insurance policy from Transamerica Life Insurance Company provides a death benefit to cover funeral costs and other final expenses.

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Policy Features

Company Profile

Mutual of Omaha Living Promise

Mutual of Omaha’s Living Promise whole life insurance policy delivers customizable lifetime protection for final expenses.

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Policy Features

Company Highlights

How Do You Choose? Simplified Issue Final Expense Insurance vs. Guaranteed Acceptance

Should you go with a simplified or guaranteed issue life insurance policy when buying life insurance coverage up to $25,000?

Simplified Issue Life Insurance

With a simplified issue life insurance policy, approval is based on answering just a few overall health questions. No medical examination or laboratory tests are required. This streamlined underwriting can deliver coverage in as little as 1 business day.



Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

With guaranteed issue life insurance, approval is guaranteed with no health questions, medical records, or exam required. This is a great option for high-risk applicants to get a permanent life plan.



For those with minor health conditions, simplified issue permanent life insurance policies provide affordable coverage with minimal underwriting. For high-risk health conditions, guaranteed issue ensures approvals but costs more.

4 Strategies to Lock In Affordable $25,000 Life Insurance Rates

Here are some tips to save money on your $25,000 life insurance policy:

  1. Buy early when rates are lowest rather than waiting until later in life
  2. Use GetSure’s online price quoter to compare quotes from 18 top insurers to find the best deal
  3. Improve health by exercising, eating well, and quitting smoking to qualify for preferred rates
  4. Maintain coverage once purchased – don’t cancel a policy; try to replace it later at an older age

GetSure is here to help you secure the most cost-effective life insurance protection both now and in the future. We work with 18 excellent carriers to get the best price based on your needs.

Next Steps to Buying $25,000 Life Insurance

Here is a summary of the key next steps to take when purchasing a $25,000 life insurance policy:

  1. Determine the ideal policy type (term insurance or permanent life insurance policy), considering the future financial needs of your loved ones.
  2. Use GetSure’s online quote tool to compare rates from 18 top insurers based on how much coverage you need.
  3. Complete the insurer’s application paperwork and underwriting requirements.
  4. Make your first premium payment to put coverage into effect.
  5. Designate beneficiaries and store your policy documents in a safe place.

Purchasing an individual life insurance policy is simple if you know what to look for. Working with a GetSure licensed life insurance agent simplifies the process and helps you secure coverage based on your health status.

A $25,000 policy can provide valuable protection – don’t delay securing this affordable coverage that your loved ones can depend on.