Average Funeral Cost In North Carolina (2024 Update)

Average Burial & Cremation Costs in North Carolina

Field Name Average Cost Rank
Funeral Cost $5,694 39
Cremation Cost $3,196 31
Direct Burial Cost $2,071 24
Direct Cremation Cost $1,744 33

Funeral & Burial Laws In North Carolina

North Carolina is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. It is bordered by Virginia to the north, Tennessee to the west, Georgia to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The state has a diverse landscape that includes mountains, beaches, and rolling hills.

North Carolina has a population of approximately 10.5 million people, making it the ninth most populous state in the country. The state’s largest city is Charlotte, followed by Raleigh, Greensboro, and Durham. The population is predominantly white, with African Americans and Hispanics making up the largest minority groups. The state also has a significant Native American population, particularly in the eastern part of the state.

North Carolina has a strong economy that is driven by industries such as finance, technology, and healthcare. The state is home to several major universities, including Duke University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University. The state is also known for its rich history, including its role in the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement.

Question Answer
How do I get a death certificate in North Carolina? Ask the funeral home, mortuary, or crematory at the time of death or order online, in person, by phone, or using a mail-in form from the North Carolina Department of Public Health.
Who can order a death certificate in North Carolina? The deceased person’s spouse, parent, child, grandchild, sibling, authorized agent, or legal representative.
In North Carolina, who completes the death certificate? The physician in charge of the deceased person’s care for the illness or condition that resulted in death completes the death certificate. If the physician is not available or gives permission, the doctor performing the autopsy can complete the death certificate as long as the death was due to natural causes, the doctor had access to the deceased person’s medical history, and the doctor viewed the deceased person at the time or death or after the death.
Is embalming required in North Carolina? No.
In North Carolina, is a casket necessary for burial or cremation? No law requires a casket for burial or cremation.
In North Carolina, do I have to buy a casket from the funeral home? No.
Is alkaline hydrolysis (water cremation) available in North Carolina? Yes, it was made an acceptable method of final disposition in North Carolina in 2018.
Where can bodies be buried in North Carolina? Most bodies are buried in established cemeteries, but there are no state laws in North Carolina that prohibit burial on private property.
Where can we store or scatter ashes after cremation in North Carolina? Ashes may be placed in a crypt, niche, or grave—or kept at home. Ashes may also be scattered in an established scattering garden, on private land with written permission from the landowner, on uninhabited public land, on federal land with permission, or at sea at least three nautical miles from land.

Calculator for Funeral Costs in North Carolina

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Final Arrangements Expenses in Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, NC is a bustling city located in the southern region of the United States. It is the largest city in the state of North Carolina and is known for its vibrant culture, diverse population, and thriving business community. The city is home to numerous museums, art galleries, and cultural institutions, as well as a variety of parks and outdoor recreational areas. Charlotte is also a major transportation hub, with an international airport and a major interstate highway running through the city. Overall, Charlotte is a dynamic and exciting city with something to offer everyone.

Category Average Cost Rank
Traditional Funeral & Burial $7,532 33
Cremation with Service $4,342 39
Direct Burial $2,780 56
Direct Cremation $2,683 37

Local Funeral Homes

Name / Link Address Phone Score Reviews

Hankins & Whittington Funeral Home
1111 East Blvd (704) 209-4080 4.9 63

Alexander Funeral Home Inc.
1424 Statesville Ave (704) 333-1167 4.1 48

Grier Funeral Service
115 John McCarroll Ave (704) 332-7109 4.5 31

King’s Funeral Home
4000 Beatties Ford Rd (704) 393-5085 3.4 27

Roseboro’s Mortuary & Crematory, Inc.
4300 Statesville Rd (704) 509-1550 4.4 74

Richmond Funeral Home
6701 Beatties Ford Rd (704) 399-2664 4.1 29

McEwen Funeral Service at Sharon Memorial Park
5716 Monroe Rd (704) 334-6421 5.0 4

Costs Of Funerals & Cremations inRaleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh is the capital city of the state of North Carolina, located in the southeastern region of the United States. With a population of over 470,000 residents, Raleigh is known for its vibrant culture, diverse economy, and thriving academic community. The city is home to numerous universities, including North Carolina State University and Shaw University, as well as a variety of museums, parks, and cultural attractions. Visitors to Raleigh can explore historic neighborhoods, sample local cuisine, and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and kayaking.

Category Average Cost Rank
Traditional Funeral & Burial $7,511 34
Cremation with Service $4,395 33
Direct Burial $2,877 46
Direct Cremation $1,827 147

Local Funeral Homes

Name / Link Address Phone Score Reviews

Steven L. Lyons Funeral Home
1515 New Bern Ave (919) 831-2596 4.7 24

Lea Funeral Home and Cremations
2500 Poole Rd 4.7 52

Mitchell Funeral Home at Raleigh Memorial Park
7209 Glenwood Ave (919) 783-7128 4.8 79

Renaissance Funeral Home and Crematory
7615 Six Forks Rd (919) 866-1866 5.0 145

Brown-Wynne Funeral Home & Crematory
300 St Marys St (919) 828-4311 4.9 78

Brown-Wynne Funeral Home
1701 E Millbrook Rd (919) 876-6900 4.4 29

Lori’s Funeral Home & Cremation Services of Raleigh
308 Sherwee Dr (919) 832-0636 4.6 90

Cremation & Burial Costs inGreensboro, North Carolina

Greensboro, NC is a city located in the central region of North Carolina. With a population of over 290,000 people, it is the third-largest city in the state. Greensboro is known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and vibrant arts scene. The city is home to several universities, including the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and North Carolina A&T State University. It is also a hub for business and industry, with major employers in the fields of healthcare, education, and technology. Greensboro offers a variety of recreational activities, including parks, museums, and sports venues. The city is easily accessible by major highways and has an international airport.

Category Average Cost Rank
Traditional Funeral & Burial $7,016 70
Cremation with Service $3,803 91
Direct Burial $2,752 60
Direct Cremation $2,163 96

Local Funeral Homes

Name / Link Address Phone Score Reviews

Hanes Lineberry Funeral Home
515 N Elm St (336) 272-5157 4.7 97

Woodard Funeral Home
3200 N O.Henry Blvd (336) 621-3461 3.9 31

Callands Funeral Home, LLC
1405 Yanceyville St Suite E (336) 355-9997 5.0 70

Perry J. Brown Funeral Home
909 E Market St (336) 272-6109 5.0 10

Hargett Funeral Service
905 E Market St (336) 273-8293 4.4 20

Forbis & Dick Funeral Service
1118 N Elm St (336) 275-8408 4.8 10

Hanes Lineberry Funeral Home & Guilford Memorial Park
6000 W Gate City Blvd (336) 854-9100 4.8 91

Costs of Funeral Services in Durham, North Carolina

Durham, NC is a city located in the central part of the state of North Carolina in the United States. It is a part of the Research Triangle Region, which is known for its high-tech research and development industries. Durham is home to Duke University, one of the top-ranked universities in the country, and is also known for its historic tobacco industry. The city has a diverse population and is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, including the Durham Performing Arts Center and the American Dance Festival. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of recreational activities in Durham, including hiking, biking, and kayaking in the nearby parks and lakes.

Category Average Cost Rank
Traditional Funeral & Burial $6,411 155
Cremation with Service $3,441 143
Direct Burial $1,945 131
Direct Cremation $2,048 107

Local Funeral Homes

Name / Link Address Phone Score Reviews

Holloway Memorial Funeral Home
2502 NC-55 (919) 598-8496 4.1 36

Hudson Funeral Home & Cremation
211 S Miami Blvd (919) 596-8269 4.6 20

Hall-Wynne Funeral Service & Crematory
1113 W Main St (919) 688-6387 4.9 12

Fisher Memorial Funeral Parlor
3137 Fayetteville St (919) 682-3276 4.2 9

Clements Funeral Service Inc
1105 Broad St (919) 286-1224 4.1 29

Burthey Funeral Service
1510 Fayetteville St (919) 682-0327 4.5 24

Hanes Funeral Service
460 S Driver St 4.1 16

Funeral and Cremation Service Costs in Winston- Salem, North Carolina

Winston-Salem, NC is a city in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, located approximately 100 miles west of Raleigh. It is the fifth largest city in the state and is known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and thriving arts scene. The city is home to several prestigious universities, including Wake Forest University and Winston-Salem State University. Winston-Salem is also famous for its tobacco and textile industries, which have played a significant role in the city’s economy for many years. Visitors to the city can enjoy a variety of attractions, including the Reynolda House Museum of American Art, the Old Salem Museums & Gardens, and the Winston-Salem Symphony.

Category Average Cost Rank

Local Funeral Homes

Name / Link Address Phone Score Reviews

Hayworth-Miller Funeral Homes & Crematory
3315 Silas Creek Pkwy (336) 765-8181 4.9 23

Russell Funeral Home
822 Carl Russell Ave (336) 722-3459 4.1 28

Hooper Funeral Home
1415 14th St NE (336) 724-1561 4.5 8

Clark S Brown & Sons Funeral Home
727 Patterson Ave (336) 722-8117 4.1 18

Salem Funeral & Cremation Service
120 S Main St (336) 722-6122 4.7 16

Douthit Funeral Services
515 Specialty Park Dr 3.6 11

Roberts Funeral Service, W-S
3001 Old Greensboro Rd NE (336) 778-3955 4.9 13

How to Finance a Funeral

Funerals can be expensive, and it’s important to plan ahead to ensure that you can afford the costs. There are several options available to finance a funeral, including:

  • Burial insurance
  • Funeral insurance
  • Final expense insurance
  • Life insurance

It’s important to note that burial insurance, funeral insurance, and final expense insurance are all the same thing. These types of insurance policies are specifically designed to cover the costs of a funeral and burial. Life insurance can also be used to cover funeral expenses, but it’s important to check the policy to ensure that it includes this coverage.

Another option for financing a funeral is to prepay for the services. However, it’s important to be aware of the risks associated with prepaid funeral plans. If the funeral home goes out of business or if you move to a different area, you may not be able to use the prepaid funds. Additionally, if the cost of the funeral increases over time, you may end up paying more than you would have if you had paid for the services at the time of need.

Ultimately, the best way to finance a funeral is to plan ahead and save for the costs. By setting aside money each month, you can ensure that you have the funds available when the time comes. You can also consider setting up a funeral trust or using a credit card to pay for the expenses, although these options may come with additional fees and interest charges.