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Leading Causes of Death for 60-Year-Olds

Turning 60 is a significant milestone, but it also marks a phase in which various health issues may arise. As we age, our bodies become more vulnerable to various diseases and conditions that can lead to serious consequences. In this article, we will discuss the leading causes of death for 60-year-olds and provide useful tips on how to reduce the risk of developing these conditions. Understanding the common health issues that affect seniors is essential to maintaining good health and ensuring a high quality of life. So, let's dive deeper into this topic and learn more about the leading causes of death for 60-year-olds.

(Note: See here for 59-year-old causes of death or here for the most common causes of death for 61-year-olds.)

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Leading Causes of Death for 60-Year-Olds (2021 CDC Data)

Cause of DeathTotal Deaths
Heart Disease11,870
Accidents (Incl. Overdoses)3,478
Liver Disease (incl. Cirrhosis)1,875
Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease1,853
Kidney Disease633
Flu (Non-COVID)466
Pneumonitis Due To Solids & Liquids197
Congenital Malformations155
Viral Hepatitis132
Alzheimer's Disease119
Nutritional Deficiency105
Parkinson's Disease86
Peptic Ulcer46
Gallbladder Disorder25

According to the 2021 CDC data, heart disease and cancer are the leading causes of death for 60-year-olds. They account for almost the same number of deaths, with heart disease being slightly more common. COVID-19 is the third leading cause of death, with over 7,000 deaths reported in this age group.

Accidents, including overdoses, diabetes, and liver disease, are also listed as leading causes of death for 60-year-olds. Chronic lower respiratory disease, suicide, septicemia, and kidney disease round out the top 10.

It’s interesting to note that flu (non-COVID), homicide, and pneumonitis due to solids and liquids are among the leading causes of death, although at much lower numbers than the top 10. HIV, congenital malformations, viral hepatitis, and Alzheimer’s disease are also listed, indicating the diversity of causes of death for this age group.

While this data is quantitative in nature, it’s important to remember that each number represents a person who has passed away. It’s a sobering reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of taking care of our health.

Top Causes of Death for Age 60 Men

Cause of DeathTotal Deaths
Heart Disease8,132
Accidents (Incl. Overdoses)2,510
Liver Disease (incl. Cirrhosis)1,232
Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease904
Kidney Disease392
Flu (Non-COVID)290
Pneumonitis Due To Solids & Liquids131
Congenital Malformations88
Viral Hepatitis86
Nutritional Deficiency58
Parkinson's Disease56
Alzheimer's Disease49
Peptic Ulcer46
Gallbladder Disorder25

Looking at the mortality data for men aged 60 and above, heart disease and cancer continue to be the top or most frequent causes of death. These top two leading causes are followed by COVID-19, accidents, liver disease, and diabetes. Chronic lower respiratory disease, suicide, kidney disease, septicemia, flu (non-COVID), homicide, and pneumonitis due to solids and liquids are still included in the top 20 causes of death, though the ranking and numbers differ compared to overall mortality data.

It’s also important to note that HIV, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, nutritional deficiency, peptic ulcer, enterocolitis, anemias, congenital malformations, and gallbladder disorder still appear on the list, albeit with lower numbers. Overall, it is evident that heart disease and cancer are still the leading causes of death for men aged 60 and over, with COVID-19 being the third most common cause. Accidents, liver disease, and diabetes are the other leading causes contributing to mortality in this age group.

Common Causes of Death for 60-Year-Old Women

Cause of DeathTotal Deaths
Heart Disease3,738
Accidents (Incl. Overdoses)968
Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease949
Liver Disease (incl. Cirrhosis)643
Kidney Disease241
Flu (Non-COVID)176
Alzheimer's Disease70
Congenital Malformations67
Pneumonitis Due To Solids & Liquids66
Nutritional Deficiency47
Viral Hepatitis46
Parkinson's Disease30

When looking at the mortality data for 60-year-old women, cancer is once again the leading cause of death, followed by heart disease and COVID-19. Other leading causes of death for women in this age group include chronic lower respiratory disease, accidents (including overdoses), diabetes, and liver disease.

It’s important to note that some causes of death are sex-specific, with women being more likely to die from septicemia and Alzheimer’s disease, for example. Homicide is also listed as a leading cause of death for women in this age group, although at a much lower number than other causes such as cancer and heart disease.

Overall, the data shows that the leading causes of death for 60-year-old women are similar to those for the overall population of this age group, with cancer and heart disease being the two most common causes of mortality.

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