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AIG Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance


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You want every minute of every day to count

That’s why you devote more time today toward exploring new hobbies, new restaurants, and new fishing holes. You’re in that place where you can do all that while also creating lasting memories with your loved ones and fulfilling dreams you’ve nurtured all these years.

Today is about doing less of the stuff you have to do and spending time on activities you want to do.

Because your family is precious too, one of the tasks on your must-do list may be to ensure they can cover the expenses that arise after you’ve passed on. This may require buying a new life insurance policy or adding to an existing one.

If only you could find the time…

Introducing SimpliNow Legacy

They have created a new final expense life insurance policy with an electronic application process that takes only a short time to complete from start to finish.

SimpiNow Legacy is a final expense life insurance policy made for people like you because:

  • It doesn’t require a lengthy application and underwriting process. No additional underwriting requirements will be needed after the application process.
  • It doesn’t require a medical exam.
  • It can cover expected and unexpected expenses that may occur after your death, including debt repayment, leftover medical bills and more.
  • You’re not certain you’ll have enough in savings to cover these costs after your passing.
  • The policy provides the funds your family and loved ones may need to pay these expenses so they are not burdened with them.
  • It’s an affordable, simple policy for those who no longer need life insurance for income replacement, or who want to add a little more coverage without the burden of full underwriting.
  • The application process takes only a short time to complete — providing you with peace of mind and more time for you to spend with your family and loved ones.

What is SimpliNow Legacy?

SimpliNow Legacy is a simplified issue final expense life insurance policy with riders that can benefit you while you’re living. Simplified issue refers to life insurance that does not require full underwriting. There is no medical exam, just a short questionnaire to determine your eligibility. Final expense refers to life insurance designed to help cover expenses related to a person’s death. These include estate settlement expenses, or any remaining debts. Once your policy is issued, it will remain active as long as you pay the required premium.

How much coverage can I apply for? 

With SimpliNow Legacy, you can apply for a death benefit between  $5,000 and $35,000, which is available on the first day your policy is  activated with the Level death benefit policy. A financial professional will  work with you to determine an appropriate amount. 

How much will it cost?

The amount of premium you pay will be determined by:

  • Your age and gender  
  • The amount you applied for 
  • Your answers to a series of health questions 

Based on those answers and the results of their instant underwriting  system, you will be offered one of two premium payment and death benefit options: 

  • Level: 100% of the death benefit will be payable on the first day, as long as the policy is active. This death benefit is known as SimpliNow Legacy Max.
  • Graded: For the first two policy years, the death benefit will be equal to 110% of premium paid. After two years, the death benefit is equal to the full amount you applied for. 

If you don’t qualify for the Level death benefit or the Graded death benefit a financial professional can recommend other products.  

Two Accelerated Benefits

The Level death benefit, or SimpliNow Legacy Max, includes two ways for  you to receive an accelerated payment of your death benefit: • Nursing Home Confinement Rider, which accelerates your death  benefit if you are confined to a nursing home. 

  • Terminal Illness Rider, which accelerates your death benefit if you  are diagnosed with a terminal illness.  

These accelerated benefits are included with the Level death benefit only  — SimpliNow Legacy Max — and cannot be used at the same time.  

Accidental Death Benefit Rider 

This optional rider, available only with the Level death benefit –SimpliNow Legacy Max, entitles your beneficiaries to a larger death benefit if your  death is caused by an accident as defined in the policy. 

Limited-Pay Feature

SimpliNow Legacy also offers a Limited-Pay feature which is built into  the policy and here’s how it works: when you reach what is known as your Maximum Payment Age, you will not have to pay any additional premiums and your coverage will remain in-force until age 100.

How the process works

The entire process, from application to policy issue, is fast and simple:

  • You will work with a financial professional to determine how much coverage you need, from $5,000 to $35,000.
  • You will be asked five questions regarding your health.
  • You will be asked follow-up questions to determine your underwriting status.
  • Your financial professional will help you fill out and electronically send your application.
  • AIG will verify your eligibility for the policy in minutes.
  • They will approve or decline your application.
  • If you’re approved and want to move forward, your financial professional will collect payment information and provide it electronically to AIG.
  • They will issue your policy and send it to you electronically.

In a short time, you can have peace of mind in the knowledge that your final expenses will be paid for.

No medical exam. No waiting days or months for an underwriting decision. No leaving unpaid bills for your loved ones.

This process does not require you to download an app or any software. Your financial professional will use Corebridge’s technology to complete the entire application process.


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